1. The 33 Oracles of Kassandra
    Antony of Egypt

  2. 10 Minutes into Eternity (Prod. by Bizi Beats)
    Kalki as Legion

  3. Heathens (Remix) [Dedicated to Jesse]

  4. Cosmic Arts (Prod. by Mr. Kou)

  5. At the End of the Universe (Prod. by Keaton Henson)

  6. Activism is Mastered Wisdom (In All Aspects of Existence) [Prod. by Ark Angel]

  7. The Myth of Neha Maiya

  8. Entrancing Balance (Prod. by Aquarius Minded)

  9. Cloud Chasers (The Tao of Radiance) [Prod. by Aquarius Minded]

  10. A Nomad's Journey (Dedicated to Laksmi) [Prod. by Earwax]

  11. Faerie Goddess (Prod. by Cyclops Herder)

  12. Nahuali Tonalli (Prod. by 7th Realm)
    Kalki as Kikwaakew

  13. Enchanted Forest (Prod. by Shiloh)

  14. Cosmic Balance (Prod. by Joph Eyel)
    Kalki & Shiloh (Asaliah & Samael)

  15. The Heart of it (Darkness Evolving) [Prod. by Shiloh]
    Kalki & Shiloh (Ea and Astaria)

  16. Darkness is Life (Prod. by Phillip Glass)
    Kalki as Kikwaakew

  17. MahaLaksmi (Dedicated to Angelena Satdeo)

  18. Hrapé (Be Happy) [Prod. by Aladan]
    Kalki as Kikwaakew, Aladan & Boosh Feat. Lin Li

  19. Truth, Wisdom & Myth (Tobacco, Sage & Ganja) [Prod. by Mark Spears]
    Kalki as Kikwaakew

  20. Timelessness (Le Temps S'arrête)

  21. How to Be a Successful Immigrant in the Western System
    Kalki as Kikwaakew

  22. Polymorphic Prophecies (Prod. by Daemon Beats)
    Kalki as Ea

  23. Cesium Waves (Prod. by Husk)
    Kalki as Inked Eyes

  24. Beggar's Doctrine (Prod. by Routiger Slob)

  25. God Is God(dess) [Prod. by SixFire aka Ananda Arahant]

  26. What's Your Religion? (Have Faith) [Prod. by SixFire aka Ananda Arahant]

  27. Shadow of the Western Shinobi (Prod. by Bizi Beats)

  28. Still Alive Feat. Itzhak Bentov (From Atom to Cosmos)

  29. L.I.F.E. (Living Inner Freedom Eternally) [Prod. by Mark Spears]
    Kalki as Kikwaakew

  30. My Life in a Nutshell
    Antony of Egypt

  31. The Middle Path (Heaven Is What You Make It) [Prod. by Zieke Sounds]
    Kalki as Legion

  32. Karma Until Nirvana (A Piece 4 Peace) [Prod. by Zieke Sounds]
    Kalki as Legion

  33. Merci (Thank you Goddess)
    Stromae & Kalki

  34. Chemically Imbalanced Mutants Feat Dr. Abram Hoffer (Prod. by HeatDub)
    Kalki as Legion

  35. Dogon Prophecies (Earth Stage 4, Dedicated to Ian, Asiah, Amari & Aria)
    Antony of Egypt

  36. Reborn from Dusk till Dawn (Prod. by Bizi Beats)
    Antony of Egypt

  37. Tomorrow's Present (Dedicated to Jahcob Rocan)

  38. Affairs of the Heart (Endless Respect)
    Antony of Egypt & Marjan Mozetich

  39. Shadow Runners (Prod. by Soul Shinobi)
    Mutant Akademy

  40. Heavenly Rose (Dedicated to Sara & Barbara Leefe)
    Antony of Egypt

  41. Cannabis Traveller (Prod by Cyclops Herder, Dedicated to Jon Headley)

  42. Children of the Rainbow (Prod. by Alice Division)
    Inked Eyes

  43. Vajra Vision (Prod. by Husk)
    Inked Eyes

  44. Graffiti Peace (Prod. by Sine the Last Signal)
    Antony of Egypt

  45. Living Inside the Mirror (Prod. by Cyclops Herder)


Kikwaakew British Columbia

A spoken word artist for over 20 years, Kikwaakew aka Anton Iorga (once known as Kalki) is now an anticolonial activist & teacher, as well as a founder of the worldwide alternative education & art safespace Mutant Akademy... find out more & find lots of free music at www.Revolt-Motion.com ... more

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