Cesium Waves (Prod. by Husk)

by Kalki as Inked Eyes



This is the second leak off of the Vajra Vision EP produced by my close friend Husk, who taught me practically everything I know about Vajrayana Buddhism and runs the Float YXE center in Saskatoon, who are the official Mutant Akademy Float center (Check it out!!!!)...


I wrote the first half of this song on Salt Spring Island during the Mutant Akademy/Plague Monks tour, surrounded by some of my best friends & co-founders of this dream we are all walking in and authoring now... Infinite Respect & Love to all of you, you know who you are.


Amalite mandala on my annular
prana heightens my stamina
bathing in light from the tropics in Canada,
radiant quartz emanations from rocks & boulders
waves slowly washing over me
praying with prophets from overseas
sober thesis in noble precincts
yo if you see what I believe in
you know why I'm so speechless
though I'm overly speaking
Flow from the coldest & bleakest lowly regions
to the most soulful & deepest abodes of dreamers
Mira la noche hija soy Viracocha,
Tlaloc en la lluvia, Oscar de la Costa,
mi nombre estaba Tony Rosca,
hombre de la Diosa,
Ritmo de la Voce,
Isla de las Rocas Preciosas,
mas hermosas que la luz de brujas mochas,
the truest spokens in this supercrew's vocals
mutant ghost spectrum soul lectures
from the uncanny academy of X-Men,
can you fathom Destiny's pages
in this beautiful era dawning
the age of superheroes is upon us,
we don husks beyond Dusk
but not as pawns that lust
Like gods leery
as clear as an eerie morning
on a calm & sacred lake
with floating lotuses
& faceless aliens in sapient spaceships
splicing into hyperspace in a fractional flash,
blasted atoms slashed in half
tapping the endless energy like Tesla's math,
left breathless in majestic laughter,
blessed & destined for Death's paths
yet meant to be resurrected after...
life's quite the blast, it goes so fast
I barely have the capacity to totally grasp it,
I drink some lotus tea & fast,
focus deeply & go to sleep with potent dreams,
soulful & sweet after,
If it wasn't for Ali Dahesh & my fam,
I wouldn't be blessed as I am,
ATAK & the Mutant Akademy,
Sadhu Militia & Sadhvis,
Cane Corso, Plague Monks & Nuns
we pray as often as we stray & cough sess
& vapours non-toxic, non-profit,
Gods bless, all of them
not just monotheological concepts,
we're Atlantis Army Suns of the Goddess,
pungent Ganja farmers like Rastafarians,
we reincarnate lonely monsters into boddhisattvas,
Revolt Motion pranic prophets like Son of Satya,
conundrum authors flying in Vimanas over projects
soulful Logic, totally focused in our vocal concepts,
Ahimsa Ninja hip-hop kids,
roaming the Sands of Time
searching for sentient Bliss,
with Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu
Fellows of Perfect Penmanship like Erks Orion
recanting the lies that never served a purpose sensibly,
forever grounded in the Earth like sensimi
birthed organically & nurtured gently,
yet bursting with stamina,
Rastarfarsi wordsmith champions,
walk to the farside
chanting anti-apartheid superb mantras,
Deheshi Empire & Observatory
brandishing fiery cards of Destiny like Gambit,
tarot marksmen like enchanted arrows & darts,
bearing our hearts on our sleeves
cause we care for all that we see,
& verily you should all seize this,
Revolutionarily Militant
Empty Handed Warriors like Jesus,
but we call him Yeshua Ben Miriam
walking in scorching or freezing regions,
talking with the lost & believers
in the lot of the aethers or the awkward demons,
when we talk & breathe softly
the water particles author dreams,
the Goddess sees all,
and naught is what it seems...


released March 15, 2016
Prod. by Husk



all rights reserved


Kikwaakew British Columbia

A spoken word artist for over 20 years, Kikwaakew aka Anton Iorga (once known as Kalki) is now an anticolonial activist & teacher, as well as a founder of the worldwide alternative education & art safespace Mutant Akademy... find out more & find lots of free music at www.Revolt-Motion.com ... more

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