God Is God​(​dess) [Prod. by SixFire aka Ananda Arahant]

by Kikwaakew



This is the following track after "What's Your Religion?" from the "Babylon is Burning (Have Faith)" album entirely produced by the late SixFire... this was inspired by each and every one of the God(desse)s I am proud to call kindred souls who are fighting daily in their own ways to battle this three headed abomination we call patriarchy (which is the same as misogyny), racism, and homophobia... and the final line of this poem is dedicated to the amazing poetess & Goddess Jules Nyx. Check out our anticolonial LGBTQiA2S collab EP "Red Moon", & check her out at:



God is not an omnipotently ominous being,
burning sinfully awkward demons,
God is a child starving in regions dying from wars
trying to author Peace regardless,
God is a priestess denied by the laws of priesthood,
God is an orphan crying because their father beat them,
God is not a violent creature bribing our meekness
with thoughts of a vile allegiance forceful,
God is a daughter lost in the streets forced into bleakness,
God is a Vagabond like Asharri,
a seer that's not acknowledged,
a teacher that's fired for authoring doctrines
& signs symbolic that colleges find illogical,
God is a God(dess) with PTSD
& a lot more diagnostics of traumas
than we ever thought possible
that endlessly fought wars
in their body and mind regardless
and was always victorious,
God is a watcher feeding their offspring,
God is a soft spring and a torrent with pure waters,
God is a philosopher we forgot
from Dogonic times or Andromeda's,
God is a convict locked up on charges doctored
that should be walking,
God is an androgynous Baphomet
demonized by arch fiends & liars preposterous,
God is the true meaning of Illuminatus etymologically speaking,
God is a beacon, a Stargate to Farscapes across regions
we could not ponder or gaze yet,
God is amazing & radiant,
but God is also frail & dazed,
God is not predator, God is prey,
yet God is also symbiotically Creator & created,
cremator & cremated,
Siva & Kali & the ashes of the urns & pyres they bathe in,
God is not a spurious doctor,
God is a patient speechless & silent,
asking & yearning for pride & aid,
for asylums that are not insane,
rather than pharmaceutically violent plagues,
God is a junkie, wired & pacing,
yet always beautiful like lunar tides
& movements of waters we wade in,
their auras asunder from Dawn to Dusk,
yet from Dusk to Dawn they are revived
with such a storm of the Night
that we cry & sigh with delight at their enlivened minds,
God is an island where the skies align with the sirens' shores,
God is an oddity, not a heteropatriarchal construct of misogyny,
God is not the Father of monotonous gospels, nor their apostles,
God is apocryphal like lost prophetesses gifted
such as Judith & Esther,
God is in cryogenic thought as I author this truthful message,
God is a misfit, a lunatic we forgot was a mystic,
God is a forgotten statistic shot & unlisted...
God is a slum kid that won millions
& gifted it all to offer their vision to the sick & the poor,
& God IS the sick & the poor that they healed with this,
God is a pale witness to all of this,
God is a dark martyr from Lost Continents,
God is all of us who walk with morbid thoughts
& fought monsters regardless till we befriended them all,
God is not a conqueror,
God is a friend who walks along
& softly sings till the mantra conquers them...
God is not a lofty Prince,
God is the awkward princess they mocked till her ending,
but there's always a beginning regardless,
God is infinite but God is not everything you thought,
God is more than this yet always less,
God is sex born from Love,
God is not war or a complex
God is non-violence, Ahimsa's concept
born as intrinsic logic,
God is breath in the frosty morn,
a dew drop on your optics worn
that renews & blossoms what you sought,
so watch it calmly & view it all,
do not mourn for beauty fallen,
for it walks on dutifully and laudably, like a true prodigy...

I saw God in a fractally amazing vision...
I was awestruck by the tapestry it created within me...

God is an Afro-Asiatic Pagan lesbian.


released February 12, 2016
Prod. by SixFire aka Ananda Arahant. Rest In Power bredren.

Picture of Jules Nyx, the Esoteric Poet.



all rights reserved


Kikwaakew British Columbia

A spoken word artist for over 20 years, Kikwaakew aka Anton Iorga (once known as Kalki) is now an anticolonial activist & teacher, as well as a founder of the worldwide alternative education & art safespace Mutant Akademy... find out more & find lots of free music at www.Revolt-Motion.com ... more

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