How to Be a Successful Immigrant in the Western System

by Kalki as Kikwaakew



I was having an argument with a Western European Canadian student in my Religious Studies class where he was trying to tell me that Canada was fully multicultural and he didn't know anyone who was racist... I told him perhaps that's because when you look like you racially fit into this society like he did nobody is really racist to your face, and if he was actually an ethnic minority things would be different. But he wasn't hearing me. So I wrote this as a reflection. Thank you for inspiring that, whatever your name is, token "White" man who thinks racism isn't really a thing here. Read some Thomas King maybe. Use your university books for something useful and actually learn to think critically about the world.


People say the USA is a melting pot.
This is what I picture
when I hear that hellish thought as a description:
a bunch of monstrously obese, morbid European corporate leaders, politicians & coarse elitists
hegemonically chopping up all the diasporic ingredients
in a pot with a lot of genetically modified,
salty & oily deep fried & boiled pieces of rotten meat
from all of the tortured peoples
& slaughtered species bordering extinction...

they'll forcefully take your distinctive essences
& herbs like sage, saffron, curry & basil,
& mix them with preservatives & chemicals...
its ok though, once they're thrown away for THAT long
in THIS mixture of soulless things,
their distinctiveness will slowly fade
so you don't miss it,
and nobody will taste it in the end,
they'll eat most of it anyways:
they need to taste test it before you can all be sated,
& you won't be, truly,
but they'll say they're just keeping it for you
to better preserve Your culture,
the way they see it, it spoils your teeth,
its been turned into a toxic substance,
but maybe you'll eat what they left to rot & fester
like your forgotten ancestors in their dungeons
& unmarked graves & plots that they plundered
while they blotted your Suns
with their whitewashed messengers
& hunted your daughters
along with all genders of oracles
& non-binary prophets for their following festin
to soulfully dismember them
at the solstices like winter & spring,
colonial seasons they imposed on the 6 pre-existing
like the Crees & peoples of Treaty 6 & beyond like the 6 Nations,
like you were some sort of sick patients in their asylums:
be patient and silent, be Respectful,
if you're psychotic,
Wait for your turn and they will serve you if you're fortunate,
cause hey, after all, America IS the whole continent,
so you're all a part of it,
Stop complaining, all of you.

Meanwhile, a bit higher in North America...

Canadians say that this place is a multicultural mosaic of races,
but I say its a mosaic of racism,
and its an extensively selective process involved
in which races and parts of their population are accepted,
and others are not,
especially if your thoughts or expressions
aren't blessed by the God of Christians
& you dont believe in Jesus, or you believe in Yeshua...
then you're not a part of it at all,
you're just one more discarded piece or shard
that got lost in the darkness of your features,
see, Natives & Metis aren't seen as Canadians
when they starve in the streets
or try to barter for the Peace or Change
that nobody seems to offer
or bothers to keep in store
for rainy days when its cold & dark,
yeah sure, they were the First Nations or whatever...
but they signed a lot of treaties and papers
and they lost their Peaceful & Sacred Places
to War, Disease and Racism,
they were conquered & we should all get over it!!!
or so the story goes...
& its told SO soberly
& they pretend to Nobly grieve when they slowly speak it,
but its ok, Canada is Postcolonial, YAY!!!
And we're an almost perfectly clustered multicultural mosaic
where each culture can show their names and beliefs...
if they dont disobey our own
and coincide with the paintings we own
that display who they are like Cigar Store Indians,
& if they explain them in a way
that doesn't make Canadians feel grief or feel disrespected...
what a bizarre story of idioms...
this is Our home on Native land, come share it,
but We own it & we WILL ban you
if you can't pay or invest in our lands & Great Nation...
now please Smile for the picture we're taking
to show every ethnicity how accepting we are,
& after that, you can stay in our closet,
its decently sized
and there's a lot of space for your thoughts inside it.
now pray to God & be prosperous...
or maybe pray to God that you may be prosperous,
its kinda shady but it seems obvious
what you ought to say if you want to make it,
Be a carnivore, barter with Satan, but not like a pagan
Just pretend that you talk to our God & relate to us...


released March 31, 2016
Music by Phillip Glass - Metamorphosis 1



all rights reserved


Kikwaakew British Columbia

A spoken word artist for over 20 years, Kikwaakew aka Anton Iorga (once known as Kalki) is now an anticolonial activist & teacher, as well as a founder of the worldwide alternative education & art safespace Mutant Akademy... find out more & find lots of free music at ... more

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