Polymorphic Prophecies (Prod. by Daemon Beats)

by Kalki as Ea



This beat, produced by Daemon Beats aka Earwax, was originally titled
"Meet Your Maker".


we're like insects with toxins & pesticides
we adapt to their sins & hexes,
grow stronger & more resistant minds & bodies,
like centipedes' spinal nahdis,
we will find the Mahdi,
Imam Ali will guide us with Baha'i prophets,
& many prophetesses will shine like Shadia,
from Mansour to Drury & Persia,
who are these persons
who rule us with the worst of doctrines,
do they not grasp that the path of Buddha & Tara
is to be a student of Gaia,
respect every level of sentience
on your trek to the Heavens,
suffering & cruelty is unavoidable
so duly minimize it,
listen to the voices within that cry
don't dim & disguise them,
hear the trees speaking
& the creatures of their regions,
they are their guardians,
do not slaughter or treat them
with poisonous pesticides,
they are not pests at all,
we are the pests & liars
like monstrously wretched convicts,
they will rise up in legions
as we were meant to fall
like the regents that direct our talk and actions
with awkward maxims,
all of this is naught but accurate,
they know not what my soul wrought,
my heart is the axiom,
presided by Ma'at & Bastet,
Nut & Nephtys, Tef & Geb, Thoth & Amen,
with King Diamond Tutenkhamen,
I am Antony of Egypt
guided by the Ka of Ptah
& sanskrit speeches of Isis
that provide me solace,
I have no guises at all
yet I am also all of them,
We are Legion, I am Anonymous,
Breathing the weeds of Chinese doctors,
eating CBDs from Phoenixes crying softly,
dying & reborn each morning
when the Night is Dawn,
sweet songs to greet the mournful
with meek thoughts from unchartably deep waters,
depths in fathoms, I am Ea in the depths of chasms
A Thousand Bars, my House is Water in a blessed cavern,
amidst Atlantis, I was all but forgotten,
they saw not, but I stretched the canvas,
A Topaz Temple for God(desse)s, mesmers aquatic,
with sephirothic tablets gently casting halos
upon a floor of gorgeous quartz
reflecting auras radiating the entire spectrum
like magic djinns & angels
cast in the dark for sorcery thought of as blasphemy,
but what is darkness & what is a pagan,
what is an Animistic Native,
say no to Christianity's pages
that slaughter & grave borderless strangers,
& sought to enslave them with their dogmas knavish,
we do not follow the same prophets,
define what they call falsehood
when their guises are products of lies,
I am a kin to all the so-called whores of Babylon they despise,
Hades is rising till it aligns with Pleiades martians,
maybe they conquered our minds
& poisoned our bodies,
slaughtered our kind
& poised us as zombies,
but lately all of us are walking aligned,
they will not stop it this time,
what is Coming is beyond
their horrible asylums' capacities,
hear the humming of eons of Siryn's masterpieces,
drumming songs of immortal islands' everlasting speeches...


released March 22, 2016
Prod. by Daemon Beats



all rights reserved


Kikwaakew British Columbia

A spoken word artist for over 20 years, Kikwaakew aka Anton Iorga (once known as Kalki) is now an anticolonial activist & teacher, as well as a founder of the worldwide alternative education & art safespace Mutant Akademy... find out more & find lots of free music at www.Revolt-Motion.com ... more

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