What's Your Religion? (Have Faith) [Prod. by SixFire aka Ananda Arahant]

by Kikwaakew



This track is from the album "Babylon is Burning (Have Faith)", produced entirely by the late Sixfire, aka Ananda Arahant, of Sadhu Militia. Jamie "SixFire" Dexter, the brother of famous Battle Axe/Swollen Members producer Aspect, was tragically taken from us this past summer in his prime. This is likely the last project that will ever be produced with his beats, as I have nearly all the remaining beats he had made, which he gave me shortly before he died. SixFire was an amazing being who combined the street smarts & intelligence of a witty mobster with the devotion and compassion of a boddhisattva, hence his aka Ananda Arahant, which he told me he wanted to use as his Sadhu Militia aka to showcase his more spiritual & conscious side. No one had ever seen much of it, as he explained to me one day, because most of the artists he ever worked with were underground dark hardcore rap thugs and gangsters whose philosophies and lyrics he didn't really align or agree with. He used to show me songs he produced when I would go hang out with him to write new tracks, and we used to laugh together because I'd tell him how wack some of the dudes sounded and how they were ruining his beats. He used to tell me he still needed to make some money somehow and a lot of these people looked up to him because he was from the streets too and had a reputation to uphold. But he wanted to climb higher than all that bullshit. He never charged me a dollar for any of the beats he gave me, and sometimes I would walk out of his place with a dozen new beats. All he ever asked me was that I use all of them or give them back. That's a promise I intend to keep. If I ever share any of these with anyone I will be sure to speak with his spirit before I do so.


I cant wait for the day when being a Sikh, a Muslim, A Buddhist,
a Hindu, a Jew or a Jain, a Shinto, a Taoist or a Confucian,
a Pagan, A Wiccan, A Satanist, a Christian or a Mason,
an animistic Native, a gnostic or an agnostic, even an atheist,
will all mean the same concept,
Different prophets & prophetesses,
different gods & goddesses,
different beings & beliefs, or neither,
but the same divine essence
that never ceases to be professed or manifested, its endless...

But since so many ask me the same question
as to what my Faith or religious beliefs
happen to be from a basic perspective...
let me say to this question:

If I was a Christian, I'd be an apocryphal animistic gnostic
like the mystic Anthony the Coptic,
because Nature is far more important
than all the pages of so called sacred lore of the Bible
you can talk of or admire...
this is what I was born as,
and Yeshua is a great Messenger,
He is a mighty aura like Radha & Krishna,
but remember Christ and Miriam Magdalena were not Christians...

If I was a Muslim, I'd be a Baha'i or a Sufi, trust this...
too many people view skewed perceptions of Islamic precepts
and don't ponder the essence
then start wars without pausing to talk of the proper context...
the problem is most often not the religion or the prophet,
but rather the figures that depicted and followed them chronologically... Imam Ali was the wisest scholar
& his lines were prophecy like the Bab & Bahauallah,
& they were all from the House of Muhammad like the Mahdi,
Peace Be Upon Them,
yet Bahais and Babis were tortured & slaughtered
& their writings & thoughts are outlawed across borders
even as i talk this...

If i was a Jew id be a Kabbalistic or Sephirothic student,
the Tree of Existence that grew & fostered the Wisdom
we were all gifted with
can be viewed far beyond patriarchally hegemonic Toranic scriptures... Like Joseph Campbell stated in prose staggeringly plain:
the problem with Yahweh
is that he forgot he was naught but a tribal deity...
there used to be a whole Judaic pantheon before
like in the Islamic Kaaba
with Al Uzzah, Manat & Allat
but of course all the Goddesses were forcefully removed
along with all the gods that were subdued
by this dominant & rude God
who is also infinitely loving, tolerant and merciful too, oddly...

If I was a Buddhist, i'd be a Vajarayana pupil,
because in all the schools before this
all they taught was that to view Nirvana
you had to be removed from samsara and its horrors
or you would be brainwashed too
& lost along with your aura,
so you could never be a Buddha, a Tara or a Boddhisattva...
but in Vajrayana, you have to actually practice & pursue acts
to collapse the vastly dubious samsaric society
& its ghastly delusions
& reincarnate as an activist Buddha
till the masses view the truth
& are all freed from the false creeds & illusions
& a new society is fostered
to breathe & blossom from this blueprint...

If i was a Hindu, id be a Baulic Aghori Sadhu
or Sadhvi devoted to Shakti...
because too many Vaisnavas despise Shaivites,
& too many Brahmins despise Kshaytrias & Achyuts...
& most all of them forgot
that only the Goddess Kali birthed them all
& is all of them incarnate,
wielding all the weapons & objects as Durga with many arms,
from the sword to the scythe, the conch and the trident...
the caste system needs to be abolished like Ajnana
with the Sword of Prajna & the ajna chakra...

There's so many more religions and faiths that I could name,
there's an infinity, but all of them are basically the same essentially,
if we make exception of mistranslated sayings & sentences...
so let me say this instead...
I am Pagan, I am Wiccan, I am a Jain, I am Shinto,
I have a Taoist mental endowed with the senses
of clouds totemic of animistically shrouded ancestors,
I'm a Zoroastrian whirling dervish,
boldly fasting & wording sermons,
I am holistic, yet polytheistic,
Kemetic, pre-Vedic & proto-Dravidian ascetic...
I am a Rasta bredren growing dreaded locks in another body
Spreading the gospels of Empress Menen Asfaw
Not just the Emperor Haile Sellasie...
I am all the scrolls and scripts lost,
& all the oral traditions before and beyond them
most forgot to ponder or listen to,
but not out of ignorance,
more out of religious restriction
& grossly limited vision & senses,
there's an Ocean of scriptures, Knowledge & Wisdom
that you float upon and drift,
it's not just a Pierian spring, you don't need to peer & drink,
but cheerfully swim & feel all the years of existence in each drop,
yet breathe not when in deep waters... surface first,
then ponder the akashic contents
till you burst with mirth
& rejoice in all of it from your purpose searched...


released February 9, 2016
Prod. by SixFire aka Ananda Arahant



all rights reserved


Kikwaakew British Columbia

A spoken word artist for over 20 years, Kikwaakew aka Anton Iorga (once known as Kalki) is now an anticolonial activist & teacher, as well as a founder of the worldwide alternative education & art safespace Mutant Akademy... find out more & find lots of free music at www.Revolt-Motion.com ... more

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